“Lost” FF Art

Yesterday I talked a little about the “lost” FF art — the entire Kirby story Lee inexplicably rejected — and I wonder if conceivably Stan Lee saw this archaelogist character above as a possible Stan Lee caricature by Jack, and that is why in the cannibalized version appearing in FF #108 this character has been totally removed from the story by Lee.

How ironic would it be if a rejected Kirby caricature of Stan Lee  was the final character “co-created” by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee?

A visually similar character would appear later in Jack’s Mister Miracle series: Funky Flashman from Mister Miracle # 6 (1972).

I know some of Jack’s really hardcore fans get upset when Funky Flashman is discussed because they see Jack’s satire of Stan Lee as somewhat cruel and even mean-spirited — and that was the antithesis of Jack’s character — but to me this is what artists do: they look at the world and comment on it, and even if Jack did regret making a couple of visual jokes about Lee here, certainly no one is above satire, and I think lampooning associates and coworkers is not only very, very common amongst artists, but it can also be much more insightful and revealing that straight fiction.

Mister Miracle # 6, pg. 2, panel 4 (1972)