FF # 102 Splash

FF# 102 splash. Kirby/Sinnott. Cleaned-up scan of the original artwork.

Looking at this old FF art, I’m surprised by how many FF splashes Jack drew where there is no action. This may have been due in part to Jack’s attitude during his last years working with Lee at Marvel that he wasn’t going to give Lee/Goodman any new characters from about 1969 – 1970, and maybe Jack was also toning down his dynamics a little bit to emphasize the point to Lee that his storytelling contributions were important and merited a writer credit.

At the same time, these splashes tended to be very charming and humorous. Also a great way to start a story — a sort of calm before the storm moment where we see the main characters not just as superheroes clashing ad infinitum, but as real people living the same lives as many comics readers. Several comics historians over the years have written that it was Lee who gave the pathos and personality to Jack’s 60s Marvel characters, and this is true to an extent, but I think an example like this splash and the one I posted yesterday from FF # 101, shows that Jack and his inker Joe Sinnott were the ones heavily responsible for injecting the humor, beauty, personality, passion, and compassion into these four-color fictional characters.