Unpublished Mob

Original art from an unpublished page of In the Days of the Mob. Inks by Royer.

Lots of great little details in this page, for example in panel 3 notice Jack’s version of a 1920s camera. Here is an image of a similar model, a Kodak pocket camera made in the late-1910s/early-1920s.

How about the golf stroke of the guy in panel 4. Looks more like a major league baseball player whacking a home run.

That strange pose is the actual end result of many golf shots for the upper body.

But notice in a real golf stroke, the legwork is different — more off to the side and nuanced. Not so straightforward as in Jack’s image.

Jack’s illustration of the golf stroke is a great example where he probably didn’t use photo reference for the drawing, so on the one hand it looks a little off, but at the same time Jack’s stance makes the character look much more powerful. In fact, he looks like he’s about to whack that guy standing next too him with the back of the club. I think this is an example where Jack’s dynamic storytelling can make even a background character playing golf visually interesting and exciting, but in a larger format magazine like the proposed In the Days of the Mob, maybe Jack might have wanted to go with a little more subtlety, and do some actual photo research for the material so that it looked less like his legendary super hero work and more like an actual historical piece.

Not criticizing the art here, I love this page, just pointing out that Jack’s stylized superheroic approach to the material may have been one of the reasons the DC editors decided to shelve the project, and instead have Jack simply stick with his hero work. Certainly fun to see Jack applying his more modern 1970s style to the romance genre — this work is far different than his Simon/Kirby romance material from the 1950s. Also looks like someone cut-and-pasted new text onto the artboard — maybe the DC editors weren’t satisfied with Royer’s lettering? Maybe these pages were going to be cannibalized for something else and they wanted a different lettering style?