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2001: A Space Odyssey Treasury Edition art Part 2

Another nice scan of Jack’s 2001: A Space Odyssey Treasury Edition art with Frank Giacoia on inks and some photos that made their way into the published book.

This Man This Monster

I believe this is a cropped photocopy of the actual original art for the splash in the famous “This Man This Monster” FF story. You can barely make out a little piece of tape on the left side of the page. To many this is a landmark Kirby story. Sinnott inks.

Kirby Wedding Presents

I posted these images before but I found some scans that were a little better. These are scans of a piece Jack gave to Don Heck as a wedding present. I wonder if the final image was an unused piece or if Jack drew it specifically for Don and his new wife.

I tweaked the settings a little here to try and enlarge the scan a bit.

70s Captain America Spread on One Artboard

Here’s a unique piece. This is the original scan I have of the art. Below that, I corrected the color a little and cropped it. This looks like it may be an unused 70s Captain America page that Jack had Mike Royer ink. Or maybe this was a commission piece? Or a piece Jack did specifically for a portfolio? I don’t recall seeing Jack doing too many double-spreads on one artboard like this, and there is no Captain America stamp on the top of the art, so I’m not sure of the history behind this one.


Doctor Heinrich Frankenstein Pencils

Not sure why this scan is green. Looks like a character design sheet by Jack. It says “Super Friends 162-7.” Did this ever make it into a cartoon? The character is named “Doctor Heinrich Frankenstein” and Jack’s notes also say “same height as Superman.”

Thor # 144, Page 7

Thor # 144 interior page 7. Notice in panel 1, Colletta didn’t even use a straight-edge to ink the sceptre in Odin’s hand. Extensive liner notes by Jack at the bottom of the page. The notes at the top and sides were cut off in production.