New Kirby Museum Masthead?

I think Rand Hoppe is doing a great job with the Kirby Museum website but I wonder if we could come up with a better masthead? Showing two images and repeating them seems a little boring to me, especially when you consider how spectacular so much of Jack’s imagery was, plus the pure inventiveness and sheer variety of his body of work — I think it would be great if we could come up with a masthead that at least tried to capture that.

Kind of hard to pack Jack’s whole life into one image or series of images, but I bet we could think of a better Kirby Museum masthead that reflects Kirby’s visual dynamics. I put together the strip at the top choosing some random faces. If anybody out there has any ideas please send them in. I’m not sure if Rand is interested in making a change, but I enjoy throwing around ideas for fun.