Zampowie! FF Annual # 4 Art

Scan from Fantastic Four Annual # 4. Look at all of Jack’s liner notes on the left and right sides of the page — especially the notes next to panels 2 and 3. Too bad about 75% of Jack’s notes were cut off during the production process. When discussing this topic a few years ago with Kirby historian Mike Gartland, Mike mentioned that on many of the originals returned to Joe Sinnott, Joe actually erased the liner notes, wanting the original to be as pristine as possible. So even though Jack wrote these margin notes on virtually every page from late 1963 – 1970 while he was working “Marvel method,” most of them are gone or hard to decipher if they are cut off or erased. It would have been fun to see what Jack’s directions to Stan Lee were and how much of them made it into Lee’s captions.

This is a poor scan, so I can’t even begin to decipher the partial notes, but I can clearly make out Jack’s notes at the top of the page. Jack’s notes to Stan Lee:

“Zampowie! The android thought-waves have made a dimension track that leads Lockjaw and group right into Thinker’s lab.”

Notice Stan Lee uses Jack’s directions in his dialogue. Lee has Reed Richards say:

“The Android’s thought waves created a dimensional track which enabled Lockjaw to lead us right to the spot!”