From Kenn Thomas

Kenn Thomas is one of my favorite Kirby historians so I always enjoy posting any of this thoughts on Jack here.

From Kenn:

Some Kirby-related thoughts:

Some time ago you had a discussion going on at Kirby Dynamics about Dr. Droom. I forget now the particulars but at the time I scanned the attached and intended to send it to you but forgot. It’s no doubt something you already know about. It’s one of those 1970s Kirby covers I find so elusive.

In the latest TJKC Mark Evanier suggests that the FF/Amazing Adult Fantasy cover lettering matches that of the Twilight Zone TV show. Frankly, I don’t see it. The letters have pointy ends but so does a lot of lettering. It dovetails into a theory he has that the stories in AAF also derived from Twilight Zone. Don’t know if I buy that one either.

The first appearance of Captain 3D, reprinted in the Simon and Kirby Superheroes volume jumps from an advance race giving cavemen the book containing Captain 3D to a reference on the next page: “Soon after, Professor Five’s aircraft was blasted from the skies by a cat patrol…” Who is Professor Five? I checked with my copy of the original and it’s that way as well. Suggests to me that there’s another page to this story. Am I missing something? Has this been discussed somewhere?
The production of the S&K Superheroes volume would have been a good time to track something like that, maybe even uncover some lost art, since it boasts of access to Joe Simon’s archives and  having Harry Mendryk “fully” restoring Captain 3D for the first time. (Not to slight Harry’s otherwise brilliant work.)

Also, the Harvey house ads for Captain 3D declare in a centerspread “Who is ‘Infinity’? This is his symbol [infinity symbol] Watch for him!” So I have to ask, who was Infinity? Did that story ever get drawn?

— Kenn Thomas

Doing a quick amazon search so that I could pull a cover of one of Kenn’s books, I see he has a new one out this month available for pre-order called JFK and UFO. Great title!

You can also read more of Kenn’s work at his website

Finally, from the Kirby Museum digital archives, here’s a scan of the original art to Weird Wonder Tales # 19 (Dec 1976), Kirby/Giacoia.