Dingbats Part 2: White-Out?

If look closely at the pencil photocopy artwork I posted yesterday, you can see the character Non-Fat appears to have African American features in the original pencils; in the published version the character has been changed to look more like a Caucasian. I doubt this was  Royer’s decision; the change was probably made at the DC offices.

40 years later artists still have to be careful when portraying characters from different ethnic backgrounds or they could face accusations of stereotyping or racism, so you have to think someone at DC figured it was a good idea to simply avoid any controversy altogether by changing the character’s ethnicity. Mainly the piece is interesting from the perspective that once again it appears Jack was trying to promote diversity in his stories. If anyone has a scan of the original artwork we can zoom in and see if there is any white-out on that section of the art — I guess “white-out” taking on an added level of irony in this instance.