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Kirby 1944 Self-Portrait with Fan Colors

I promise not to torture you with my Gimp experiments, but I also thought it would be fun to color Jack’s WW II self-portrait. This took about 15 minutes.


The scan if from Ray Wyman’s Art of Jack Kirby book. I’m sure the original of this piece must be located somewhere — hopefully with Jack’s family — I’d love to see a scan of the actual original artwork. I assume it would be yellowed with age as opposed to the cleaned-up scan in the Wyman book.


Kirby Eyes Fan Colors

I downloaded the Gimp graphics program last month and have been playing around with it. For fun, I quickly colored this image.

It’s not a good scan, and sloppy since I only spent a few minutes on it, so although I’m sure many will criticize those who rework, recolor, or generally change Jack’s art, I think it’s a great way for contemporary fans to interact with Jack’s art as long as we clearly label it as fan homage. This was originally the cosmic Hulk from the Eternals, but I’ve always thought this was a great example of Jack’s famous close-up of two eyes that captured the intensity I see in Jack’s work — the fire and electricity pouring out of Kirby’s mind. If the Museum could ever find a nice B/W scan of the art for this piece I think the original art image of this panel would make a nice icon for the site.


FF and Spidey

Here’s a great piece featuring the FF and Spider-man. Not sure when this was illustrated or where this scan is from. Great example of how scans get passed around online: it looks like this was originally published in the Jack Kirby Collector, then someone put a watermark on it in the top left-corner. I wish I could see a color version of this if it was published in a calendar and I’d like to know the publication date if anyone out there knows.

More Lois Lane and 4W

Some more 4W continuity from Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane, this time from issue # 117 (Oct 1972), art by Wener Roth and Vince Colletta. Pages 6, 9, and 10.




Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane

Here’s something many of you might not have seen before: an example of DC trying to incorporate Jack’s 4W into the continuity of their other books. Here are some pages from Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane # 115 (Oct 1971), featuring art by Wener Roth and Vince Colletta. Pages 1, 3, and 6. One of the very few times I’m aware of DC using Jack’s Black Racer character.



Droom Meets Zemu

Art from Amazing Adventures# 3 (Aug 1961), featuring Dr. Droom vs. Zemu. Art by Kirby/Ayers. I’m not an expert on Marvel reprints, but I don’t recall ever seeing this material reprinted anywhere. I’d guess it might pop up in a monster genre book here and there, but Dr. Droom seems like one of Jack’s lesser known Marvel creations — obviously the character is very similar to Ditko’s Dr. Strange, and the “Dr. Droom” name could have been one rung on the ladder towards Kirby’s Dr. Doom.


Dr. Droom

The second Kirby/Ayers story from from Amazing Adventures # 2 (Jul 1961), featuring Dr. Droom and some bad guys that look a lot like the Skrulls, which would appear in Fantastic Four # 2 (Jun 1962).



Yesterday I showed you the cover to Amazing Adventures # 2 (Jul 1961). Here are pages 1, 3, and  7 from a Kirby/Ayers story in that book called: “I led the Strange Search for Manoo.”