Amazing Fantasty Omnibus

// Hi Rob, Just a quick note on your posting Droom Meets Zemo.  Marvel reprinted the entire Amazing Adventures /Amazing Adult Fantasy /Amazing Fantasy run in a big hardcover omnibus in 2007.  Like all their omnibus editions, it was quite expensive, but well worth the money (and still a lot cheaper than the original comics), as all the material in it is superb. – John
Thanks John. I believe this is the cover to the book John is talking about. Interesting that it’s signed Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. I wonder if Lee did some kind of layout for this and Ditko followed that? What I’d love to see would be a Complete Jack Kirby At Marvel series that reprinted all of Jack’s work for that company. I suppose because of the lawsuit that is unlikely at the moment. Years ago on the Kirby-l discussion forum Tom Brevoort informed us that Jack’s family doesn’t receive any royalties from reprints. Apparently there is some kind of death clause where after an artist has been deceased for x number of  years (I think it’s 3 or 4) the family of the artist no longer receives any money from reprints. That means Jack’s family didn’t receive a penny from any of the Marvel reprints of Kirby work from any of those Essentials books or other reprint packages. I’d love to check this book out at some point, but I’d be more likely to do so if Jack’s family received even .01% of the profits.