The Awesome Apparition

Hi Rob, Love your work on the Kirby Dynamics blog. Brilliant stuff, please keep posting, love seeing unseen work. Quick question, could you tell me who this character is? I love the armour and want to see more examples but can’t find a name. Thanks for your time, cheers! – Paul E.

Hi Paul, Thanks for checking out the k-blog. The armored character featured in the post Panther Art Colors appears in Black Panther# 3 (May 1977) on page 15. It would seem this character doesn’t have an acutal name in the story. Jack calls it the “Awesome Apparition” at one point and the Panther refers to it as the “Guardian of the Tomb,” but it looks like another typical Kirby throw-away character he added to the story. Jack was terrific at taking a character that you would only see for a few pages (then never again) and making it work by giving that character a creative costume design. It would be amazing if someone could go through all of Jack’s comics and put together a list of all the various unnamed extras and pedestrians that Jack created over the years. There must be thousands of them. Here are two action pages featuring the Guardian of the Tomb character from the same book. Kirby still at the top of his game.

Here is the final fate of the “timeless warrior” character. Ouch!