Fantastic Four # 74 (1968) Art

Yesterday’s post was actually written several months ago, and kept getting knocked back in the queue when I’d insert a new post so that is why the art scans were smaller than usual — on blogspot I couldn’t post HQ images. Here is a much better scan of the original artwork from page 1 of Fantastic Four# 74 (1968), Kirby/Sinnott. Click on the image to zoom in and see the details. Beautiful, classic piece of Kirby/Sinnott FF. The scan is from Heritage Auctions archives — the art sold for $23,900.00 in 2010.


I think it’s fun to look closely at Sinnott’s gorgeous brushwork and penwork.

I suppose the change in Alicia’s hair may have been made by another inker following Lee’s instructions, but it looks like originally her hair was a little darker and maybe it was Sinnott who decided to lighten it by eliminating some of the black lines with white-out, then redoing the lines.