Fantastic Four # 74 Splash

The original artwork for Fantastic Four # 74, pg. 1 (1968).

Taking a closer look at the art, underneath the lettering you can see Stan Lee added text using a blue pencil in the word balloons.
It looks like Joe Sinnott must not have been satisfied with Alicia’s hair so he used white-out to fix some of the details. I wonder if he decided to lighten her hair or this is simply an example of his perfectionism where he wanted to make sure every single line was consistent. The image here looks almost fluorescent.
Some details on the Silver Surfer. In many ways, Sinnott’s brushwork delineating the Surfer’s metallic sheen has become almost as distinctive as Jack’s original design.
I’m always amazed how Joe puts 100% of his skill into every detail, even this statue in the corner, also note the line variety hinting at the texture of the rug.
It’s funny to look at original production artwork and see where before computers came into use, the production personnel would cut out the month and date, then tape it to the publication information at the bottom of the page. Below you can see examples where it looks like that data may have peeled off, and in the next example, the number 8 and 4 are affixed to the artboard.
The famous Lee/Kirby blurb.
Jack’s margin notes were cut off in production, but you can barely make out the text: “He has visitor — Silver Surfer is despondent.”
A scan of the published artwork.