Kirby Eyes Fan Colors

I downloaded the Gimp graphics program last month and have been playing around with it. For fun, I quickly colored this image.

It’s not a good scan, and sloppy since I only spent a few minutes on it, so although I’m sure many will criticize those who rework, recolor, or generally change Jack’s art, I think it’s a great way for contemporary fans to interact with Jack’s art as long as we clearly label it as fan homage. This was originally the cosmic Hulk from the Eternals, but I’ve always thought this was a great example of Jack’s famous close-up of two eyes that captured the intensity I see in Jack’s work — the fire and electricity pouring out of Kirby’s mind. If the Museum could ever find a nice B/W scan of the art for this piece I think the original art image of this panel would make a nice icon for the site.