Here’s an interview where Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross discuss their new Kirby project:

Busiek And Ross Plot “Kirby: Genesis”by Kiel Phegley


It can take a long time for something to get born, but the one person in comics who never seemed to have trouble giving birth to a new idea was Jack Kirby. Over his legendary nearly 60-year career, the King of Comics dreamed up more superheroes, cosmic gods, giant monster and wicked witches than any artist in the medium’s history, and this summer Dynamite Entertainment will gather a wealth of those characters together for the first time in the epic limited series “Kirby: Genesis.”

Conceived by the team of writer Kurt Busiek and artist Alex Ross (who aside from providing covers for the book will fully layout the series as well as contribute final paintings), “Genesis” is an idea years in the making. Built upon the gathering of all of Kirby’s creator owned work from his ’80s launches of heroes like Captain Victory and the Silver Star back through his unused sketchbooks and story notes spanning his entire career, the series has been growing creatively under the hands of the men best known for creating the award-winning “Marvels” series as well as the backbone for Busiek’s “Astro City.”

The floodgates on the project opened in full last August when Busiek flew to Ross’ home in suburban Chicago for an intensive three-day summit to take the massive amount of Kirby material seen and unseen and shape it into a story worthy of the King’s name. In the midst of the pair’s planning with Dynamite publisher Nick Barrucci and editor Joe Rybandt, CBR News was invited out to dinner with the creators for a first look inside their process. Talk at the table started with Busiek and Ross comparing notes on their own corporate comics work and a healthy dose of history, but once the recorders got rolling, it was all Kirby as the team opened up below on what hidden characters and concepts tied to Kirby’s biggest franchises will be reinvented in “Genesis,” how they’ve conceived a story that can bring forth an entire universe of adventure and the human element that ties the fantastic nature of Kirby’s mind to the humanity in comic fans everywhere. Read on for the full discussion and an EXCLUSIVE first look at “Kirby: Genesis” #0!

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