Journey Into Mystery # 123, Page 17

Some observations on the original art to Journey Into Mystery # 123, Page 17.

Here is a close-up of Jack’s margin notes at the top of the page. I tweaked the contrast so you can see them more clearly.

Jack’s directions to Stan Lee say: “Asgard is haunted by the portents of evil and disaster that loom over the land. Odin on his mountain and his aides see disturbing signs of the coming of Ragnorok.”

Notice in Stan’s version Ragnorok is a footnote following an asterisk. It would have been interesting to see how Jack would have weaved the concept into the story if he had been able to add the text to this page.

Not sure what happented to this hand here. Seems Like Colletta started making it look all metallic starting on the palm, but maybe he ran out of steam, the final result having no texture.


Colletta used this technique frequently for background characters: he would paint them in all black them add some quick horizontal lines using white-out.


You can see lots of nice detail here on this character, but because Colletta uses the same line-width on all the characters, this one doesn’t really stand out in the foreground.


Jack’s text mentions Odin is standing on a mountain so I wonder if Jack had originally drawn a more detailed background. Colletta uses some fairly random hatching to hint at a shape in the distance — not a technique I’ve seen Jack use in his original pencils.


You can see there was originally a paste-up on the original art that had “letterer” added to the credits.