Destroyer Duck # 1

Recently I showed you one of the first Kirby comics I bought off the news stands (a Machine Man comic from 1978), and this is one of the last Kirby books I bought off the stands — Destroyer Duck # 1 (1982). I think I picked this up from a comics shop that had just opened in Columbia, Maryland; during the early 80s it really seemed like the comics business was booming and new comic book stores were popping up everywhere. It was an exciting time where you could meet other fans and exchange ideas at the stores. And Kirby was one if the artists leading the way when the direct market took off.

 Terrific cover, but I remember being very disappointed with the inks on the interiors of this book. Alfredo Alcala did some gorgeous work on Savage Sword of Conan, but I didn’t think his style really meshed all that well with Kirby. At the same time, looking at the work again for the first time (30! years later), I can see maybe there is some satire of Frank Miller’ dark and violent 80s Daredevil series going on here, and I try not to be too critical of any of Jack’s inkers because I think they all did the best they could given their particular circumstances. As you can see below, Kirby still has some of his old magic. Some of the panels are pretty funny (pgs. 8, 10, 11).