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Atlas Text Piece

A text piece from First Issue Special# 1 Apr (1975). I’m not sure who this was written by, but it’s an interesting glimpse into how new comics stories were presented to readers.

Atlas Single Page Splashes

Jack is famous for his double-spreads, but at a few times in his career he did single spash pages for chapter breaks. Here are examples from First Issue Special # 1 Apr (1975). Art: Kirby/Berry.



Cover from First Issue Special # 1 (Apr 1975). “Atlas the Great,” art by Kirby/Berry.


Kirby’s version of Atlas seems like a synthesis of Jack’s take on Hercules and Thor and bares little resemblance to the famous Greek Atlas who holds the globe on his shoulders.

Journey into Mystery # 119, page 12

Journey into Mystery# 119, page 12 (Aug 1965). Kirby/Colletta. The published page followed by a scan of the original artwork. Notice at the top of the original you can see where Colletta used white-out to achieve the speed lines over that black area, but when published a lot of these tiny details are lost.

Eternals 8 Cover

Here is the cover of Eternals# 8 (Feb 1977) by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia. You can see the three phases the image went through: (1) a photocopy of the original pencils, (2) a scan of the finished original artwork, then (3) the final published version. The blank space at the top of the photocopy was on the original image to leave room for the “Marvel Comics Group” logo.