Jack Painting

KirbyWorkingKris Brownlow unearthed this great photo of Jack at work (kirbyprimeval.blogspot.com). Kris isn’t sure what the source is for this photo so if anyone out there has any information on this, please share. I’d also love to know more about that painting: I wonder what it was for, and I’d love to have a higher quality scan of the finished image. You can see in the photo above, Jack is working on 1/2 of the image.

In the scan below, it looks like the left side has been cut off. You can see the center line about 3/4 of the way to the right, so we’re also missing the right side of the painting. I wonder if this was published somewhere, or if anyone has the original so we can zoom in and look at the details.

Thanks to Kurt Busiek for pointing out a link to a photograph of the original artwork for this piece on comicartfans. Kurt believes it was part of a series called “Dream Machine.”




I only wish Jack had been able to work on more spectacular illustrations like this one. Size matters in the fine-art world, and I suspect if Jack had been able to do more large paintings like this, he would have been able to easily transition into a career producing museum quality masterpieces. This would make a perfect wrap-around cover for a future book on Kirby.

Zooming into the photo, you can see how vivid the colors are on the original.