1960s Marvel Bullpen

I’ve been going through my K-files and every now and then I come across something cool, but I’m not sure of the source (if anyone knows where this is from, please email me). Here is an interesting piece: photos of the 1960s Marvel Bullpen. If you’re a fan of 1960s Marvel comics, I’m sure you recognize all of these names.

Here’s a few Marvel Christmas cards from 1970, 1971, and 1978. I’m guessing the art is by Marie Severin.

Thanks to John S. and Frank F.  for both sending in this info: The photos of the Bullpen Gang were in the back of Fantastic Annual # 7 (Nov 1969). It was the 1st FF Annual that had all reprints while the previous 6 annuals had new stories.

I guess I never owned the first printing of that book (must’ve read the reprint) so I’d never seen the bullpen photos. Lot of great memories looking at all those artists’ names.

John S. also had some great additional comments on the Defenders post.

I just read your posting for tomorrow–fabulous, as usual.  Thanks so much for all the kind words.  I’m not gonna let you off easy before the holidays, though (lol)!  Take a second look at that cover to AVENGERS ANNUAL #6.  Kirby/Giacoia?  Probably not.  Kirby/Verpoorten, more likely.  As you alluded in your post on CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #3, there was a TON of uncredited Verpoorten inking on ’70s Kirby work that was ascribed solely to Giacoia (particularly on Cap)–so much so, in fact, that fans often attributed pages to Giacoia that, upon closer examination, were clearly Verpoorten’s handiwork. 
That F.F. 167 cover was one of MY faves, too.  Thanks for showcasing that dynamite original!  Interesting (and a good editorial decision) how the copy from the two cover blurbs got interchanged somwhere between the original art and the printed version.  But just a slight correction on this one, too (if you’ll forgive me).  Issue 167 wasn’t “one of the last Kirby/Sinnott (F.F.) covers.”  They actually collaborated on a whole slew of covers right up to and including issue number 200.

Thanks to Henry K. for pointing out that despite having all-reprints, FF Annual # 7 had a new Kirby cover. Kirby/Sinnott.

I’d never even seen that cover in color before. Not Jack’s best FF cover, but still a solid effort by Kirby. I guess Marie Severin gave Jack layouts for this one, so that’s why you have the silly image of Mole Man holding up a sign.