Kirby, Lucas, and Campbell Part 3

I’d never heard the Kirby/Lucas lunch anecdote so I asked Kirby Historian Stan Taylor if he had any info:

My question: One of my k-blog readers mentioned something about Kirby meeting Geroge Lucas for dinner and discussing 4W. He said it was in Ronin Ro’s book. You know anything about this? 

Stan Taylor: They got it wrong.  It was Roy Thomas, Lucas and Ed Summer- the owner of Supersnipe Comics and a backer of Lucas’ They were trying to interest Marvel in publishing a comic book adaptation, and Roy mentioned that parts sounded similar to Kirby’s new Gods.

Thanks to Stan for the reply and to Angelo for his comments. The Kirby/Lucas Star Wars debate will probably never die (unlike Darth Vader), but I think we can all agree on one thing: Darkseid really needs to get rid of those stripper boots! And here he has on what looks like a leather mini-skirt! Sexy I guess for some, but not very scary.

I guess if Kirby did create Star Wars we can give him credit for all the wacky Star Wars fans?


Ahh, this debate is for the dogs…