Kirby Discussion Groups

Kirby Museum Director Rand Hoppe decided to close down the Kirby-l discussion forum which had flourished on Yahoo for over a decade in order to create a new forum on Google. Rand has set up a new forum here if you want to discuss Jack’s work:

(1) Jack Kirby Discussion Group

When popular discussion forums break up, they tend to fragment into several splinter groups. For example, I’ve been told the editor of the Jack Kirby Quarterly, Chrissie Harper has just set up a new Kirby discussion forum here:

(2) Kirbyville

Also, Allen Smith started a new Yahoo forum as well, here:

(3) JackKirbyCreates

I assume there will be more Kirby Discussion Groups popping up, but I joined Allen’s forum because I like the Yahoo Discussion Groups format. As far as I know, JackKirbyCreates doesn’t require membership approval, so you can just join and start posting. I hope some of you will consider joining us there, and please check out the other new Kirby forums as well.

Today on JackKirbyCreates you can see the members are discussing Chic Stone’s inks among other things. Here is a sample of Kirby/Stone art from a Marvel Masterworks reprint of Fantastic Four # 34 (Jan 1965).