Happy Halloween

Here’s a few pages from Where Creatures Roam # 4 (Jan 1971), featuring Kirby’s take on some classic movie monsters on page 2, as well as some typical bizarre Kirby monster work in the pages that follow (pages 4 and 6). The story was originally published in Tales to Astonish # 17 (Mar 1961), titled “Vandoom, The Man Who Made a Creature.” Vandoom certainly could be a precursor to Victor VonDoom the alter-ego of the Kirby-Lee Dr. Doom character who was also a mad scientist and inventor. I love the scientist with the gigantic eye in the panel at the bottom of page 4.

Also, in the Wolfman panel, the text says “All mankind trembled before your crazed verocity!”

What the hell is “verocity?” Never heard of that word before. Maybe Stan meant ferocity?