Kamandi of the Caves

Thanks to John S. for his comments on the Statue of Liberty & Kamandi post.

Hi Rob,
Just read your new Kamandi posting.  Very insightful!  I’d never seen that Schomburg FANTASTIC UNIVERSE cover before.  Quite a revelation!  The only other thing I can add to what you’ve written is that I believe DC and Marvel both bid for the rights to do a comic-book version of APES, but Marvel got the rights to it because they put in a higher bid than DC.  Having lost the bidding war, Infantino asked Kirby to come up with something similar, so Jack took his old, unused KAMANDI OF THE CAVES newspaper strip proposal and transformed it into the KAMANDI comic book we all know and love–a comic which, by the way, went on to become the best-selling title he produced for DC in the seventies and which almost certainly outsold Marvel’s feeble black-and-white APES magazines!  So really, DC ended up winning after all…which was no surprise, since they had The King on their side!
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Here are some examples of unfinished 1950s Kamandi of the Caves comic strips Jack worked on. The strip on the bottom is signed by Jack and dated 1958.