Dick Ayers Email

Art from Rawhide Kid #21 (Dec 1960), page 19. Terrific inks by Dick Ayers. One of the earlier examples where you see the “by Stan Lee” credit along with the name of the artist and inker.

I emailed legendary comics artist and inker Dick Ayers and asked him about the Kirby/Ayers signature that appears on many pieces of late 50s, early 1960s Kirby/Ayers artwork. I wondered if Stan Lee told Dick to sign the art, or if that was something Dick decided to do.

Here is the reply from Dick Ayers:

“Rob, I always signed the work I did for Marvel and with the penciller’s name even in the ’58’s when I started inking Kirby’s pencils for Stan (Wyatt Earp and then the monster stories). Before Stan had me ink a Kirby pencilled Wyatt Earp cover I always pencilled, inked and lettered my art — and signed it.  Stan began putting the credits in a panel box on the first page so I didn’t sign the work I did.  That began with Fantastic Four #6.  Thanks for asking!  …..Dick”