Kennedy, Khrushchev and Kirby

Thanks to Kenn Thomas, author of dozens of books including NASA, Nazis & JFK and Maury Island UFO for sending in this item below (Kenn also provided the scans).

Kennedy, Khrushchev and Kirby

Kenn Thomas: Anyone compiling a list of JFK images drawn by Kirby might miss the one in Tales of  Suspense #41 (May 1963), since it passes quickly in a three panel sequence and looks a bit generic.

It’s next to an image of Nikita Khrushchev–both world leaders responding to the villain Dr. Strange announcing his outer space explosion of a 200 megaton bomb. In the panel that follows, Dr. Strange announces, “I will bury you all!” echoing Khrushchev’s famous exclamation to western journalists in Moscow in 1956.

Khrushchev makes another appearance, sort of since it’s really a baddie in disguise called The Actor, in the next issue, drawn by Don Heck.

— Kenn Thomas

Originally published in the fanzine Whizzard #9, the forthcoming Jack Kirby Collector # 55, features an interview Kenn conducted with Jack in November of 1976.