365 Days of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World

On the Jack Kirby Museum website, Jon B. Cooke has a new weblog called 365 Days of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World. Jon is a terrific comics researcher, so I recommend you all check out his work.



Since Jon is going to focus exclusively on Jack’s 4W, I’ll try not to post too much (or any) of Jack’s work from that period here for the next year.

I do feel this individual post needs something a little more, so here’s a small glimpse of the type of thing you might be seeing on Jon’s Kirby 4W weblog. This is the cover from The Forever People # 1 (Feb 1971), Kirby/Giacoia. Strange that Frank Giacoia inked this cover — I don’t recall him inking any of Jack’s other 4W material. This may have been the last Kirby/Giacoia combination on a cover until Jack returned to Marvel in 1976 and Kirby/Giacoia worked on Captain America.

Here is the double-spread from the same issue (pages 2 – 3), inked by Vince Colletta. I included a close-up of each individual page of the splash so you can take a closer look at the details and see how the pages worked on their own.

I’d hate to be sitting in the front seat of that thing. Don’t they have a seat for Beautiful Dreamer?

My Uncle had a three-wheeler in the 1970s and we used to drive it all over a little apple tree/pear tree orchard he owns in Western Illinois. Incredibly fun, but three-wheelers are dangerous, they’re hard to control when making sharp turns at fast speeds, and they roll over really easily which is not a good thing if you’re out in the woods somewhere far away from help (and as you all remember, there were no cell phones back then). Three-wheelers are also hard to steer — I saw my Dad go careening headfirst into a big woodpile one time when he was going way too fast down a hill.

I guess the Kirby Forever People ATV was Jack’s 4W version of the famous Batmobile.

I wonder why all superheroes don’t have their own unique customized vehicles. Even Spider-man had a tricked-out ride: the spider buggy. Nice rims!