Boy Commandos: The Siege of Troy

Artwork from Boy Commandos# 3 (Summer 1943). Wonderful period piece by Jack with Joe Simon inks featuring the Trojan War, the premise here being that there have been Boy Commandos throughout history — sort of like an early version of Frank Miller’s 300, only with a little kid wearing a red, spiky metal top-hat. Having characters who are reincarnated through the generations is a great gimmick I’d think artists will use to keep their stories fresh until the end of time. Here are some of the best examples of terrific Kirby art in the story: pages 2, 4, and 10 from the “The Siege of Troy,” featuring the first appearance I am aware of of the Ancient Boy Commandos, and in the last page you can see the Hitler-esque character get what’s comin’ to him. And don’t forget to buy your War Bonds.