Big Barda In Action

This is an example of what I call a “ghetto” post because I’m using scans from the internet and I don’t know the exact sources for the material. Here is the image of Big Barda that was the influence for that huge tattoo I posted last week. This appears to be from some sort of “DC Universe” book, but I don’t know the name of the publication or date. I’ll guess it’s from Who’s Who: The Directory of the DC Universe (1985). Looks like Theakston inks. Below that is a fairly hazy scan of the original artwork in a frame, probably from eBay. Greg Theakston used a lightbox to ink the image, so Jack’s original pencils survive.

Apologies for the low-resolution scan, but I thought it might be fun to zoom in and look at some of the details. This may have been one of the last times Jack ever drew Big Barda. Notice in the original pencils, Barda is not holding that metallic rod, so maybe Greg added this in the inking phase, or someone in the DC offices asked for that addition. I actually think the piece works much better with the golden bar — it makes the character look like she is on the attack.