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The new DC Jonah Hex movie (Warner Bros. Pictures) only made $5.4M in it’s opening weekend. Pretty dismal showing when a $100 million premiere is what it takes for a film to be considered a hit. I wonder when the Marvel & DC superhero avalanche of films is going to wear thin on audiences. You’d have to think the next generation of kids is going to rebel against this type of corporate-owned “men in tights colliding” entertainment since they always seem to rail against the status quo.
It baffles me as to why Warner Brothers would have thought a Western about a disfigured gunfighter would be a smash. Westerns are out of fashion to begin with — I doubt even Kirby’s pretty-boy Rawhide Kid would be a hit.

Kirby’s Rawhide Kid (Rawhide Kid # 25, Dec 1961) Kirby/Ayers

I heard mostly negative reviews for the Iron Man 2 film (Paramount Studios) but after 7 weeks it’s still chugging along with a total take of $304.2M. I’d have to think Paramount will make one more Iron Man film with Robert Downey Jr. so it can be packaged as a trilogy, then that will be it for awhile, although I’m sure we can expect endless Iron Man/Avengers toys, video games, and cartoons.

Kirby’s Iron Man from Avengers # 3 (Jan 1964) Kirby/Reinman