Unpublished Silver Surfer

A scan of an unpublished page from the Silver Surfer graphic novel published in 1978. It appears Galactus is working at his control center, while the Surfer is sneaking behind him, trying to rescue Ardina. A close-up of Jack’s pencil work of the machinery and outer space.

Zooming in to the Silver Surfer.

What appears to be Ardina trapped in some kind of bubble prison cell. Looks almost like Tina Turner.

Beautifully drawn splash, but I can see why it wasn’t used — we can’t see any of the faces of the main characters, and flipping through the published graphic novel, I’m not sure where this page would have fit into the continuity; in the published story, Galactus, the Surfer, and Ardina are never together, so maybe in Jack’s original draft the Surfer makes a rescue attempt, but Lee edited that out of the final version. Or could this image possibly have been Jack’s idea for a back cover?