Kirby Watercolor

Here’s a remarkable watercolor piece by Kirby. It’s one of those scans in my files that I don’t know a whole lot about. I’d guess it’s from the 1970s, but I don’t know the title or what specifically it was for. Just a beautiful example of the kind of work Jack was capable of doing if he had more time to work on other projects outside his regular comics work. I’d love to have a higher resolution scan of this if anyone out there has one. This image would make a terrific poster.

Thanks to Kirby expert Kris Brownlow for this comment: “This hung in the Kirby house for a time. It is an experimental piece much like ‘The Galactic Head’ where Jack did not use a black ink holding line. It is material like this that makes me wish Jack had tried his hand at painting with oils because I think he would have given us paintings that would have blown the likes of Frazetta out of the water. Jack was a storyteller at heart though, so I don’t think the idea of painting sci-fi book covers in the manner of a Frazetta or Wood appealed to Mr. Kirby at all. Jack didn’t really even like drawing comic book covers, he preferred telling his stories.”

I prefer Jack’s storytelling far more to stand-alone images like the piece above as well, but I must admit if I could’ve gotten Jack to do one commission piece, I would have asked for a kind of extraterrestrial goddess pin-up figure like the figure above. Thanks to Kris for the info and comments.