Chamber of Darkness # 5

Marvel cranked out all sorts of monster comics in the 1970s featuring 60s Kirby reprints, but here is an example of an all-new story from June of 1970. Cover is by Kirby and Bill Everett. I wonder if Jack wrote the “Tales to Blast Your Brain!” caption.

Pages 1, 3, and 6 from the story with inks credited to John Verpoorten, but I wonder if Everett worked on this. One of the rare examples from Kirby’s first stint at Marvel where Lee allowed Jack a “Writer” credit.

It looks like the figure in silhouette from panel 3 of this page was also used on the splash page. Since the image would have been cut off half-way up the legs, maybe that explains the odd, curving peg-legs on the character in the splash.
The plane crash at the beginning of the story reminds me of the TV series Lost which recently aired it’s final episode. Also the bald-headed character in panel two above looks a little like the character Locke from that show.