Great Kirby/Royer cover from 2001: A Space Odyssey #5 (1977). The first part of Jack’s 2-part epic “Norton of New York.”

On April 12, the New York Times reported Joe Ruby & Ken Spears, and Sid & Marty Krofft are forming a partnership. They have 600 production boards of Kirby art produced for Ruby-Spears in the 1980s that had been boxed up and unseen for decades, and are planning to revive these unseen Kirby characters “in as many forms as possible.”

Jack’s Marvel and DC work is also filled with great unexplored characters like Norton of New York, one of my favorite Kirby stories from the 1970s.

Zooming in to the crowd of aliens, here are at least 12 more potential new Kirby characters.


Plus if you count this fellow off to the left, that’s 13.


Disney-Marvel could call them “Jack Kirby’s Threatening Thirteen,” or something along those lines.


Norton running away from that angry Comicsville mob reminds me of the first time I mentioned Kirby was involved in the creation of Spider-Man on a comic book internet forum.