Unpublished Silver Surfer Splash

Here’s the unpublished Silver Surfer Graphic Novel 2-page spread I mentioned yesterday that has the same composition as the Our Fighting Forces spread. Pretty safe to assume Lee rejected this because of it’s violence. Marvel must have returned the penciled art to Jack and I guess Jack had Royer ink it for some reason? Or is this Giacoia on inks? Could this possibly be Kirby inks?

Maybe Jack considered selling this page off so he had it inked, or maybe it was done specifically for the Jack Kirby Masterworks portfolio (1979) which is where this image was published? If anyone knows the history behind this piece, please share.

I love the defiance of the guy pumping his fists at the firing squad on the second page. I think Jack would have done a lot more of this type of material if not for the Comics Code. This is one of Jack’s more powerful pages, It’s inclusion in the Silver Surfer Graphic Novel would have given that book an added level of realism.