Monthly Archives: July 2011

Big Barda and the Female Furies Splash

Photograph of an unpublished Big Barda and the Female Furies splash. I would have loved to have seen Jack tackle that title as a long-running book.

Sky Masters: 5/1/59

Sky Masters: 5/1/59. Classic Kirby/Wood, especially panel 2 featuring an excellent example of Kirby/Wood Tech. Looks like the “clank” sound effect in panel 3 is a paste-on. This small scan that I probably downloaded off of eBay years ago doesn’t do the original art justice.

Skymasters Reprint Book

Over on the Kirby Museum Facebook page, Jonathan Green wrote:

“Are there enough Sky Masters strips to warrant a reprint volume? That’s one I’d love to see more of. Kirby and Wood. Wow!”

Greg Theakston’s Pure Imagination put together a very nice collection of Skymasters comics several years ago. You might be able to pick up a copy one day on eBay if someone offers to sell a copy. Here is the cover:

Last Days of Pompeii, Page 23

“Last Days of Pompeii” art. Page 23. Kirby/Ayers. Signed by Dick in the bottom right corner. From Classics Illustrated # 35 (1961). Notice how Jack uses long vertical panels to highlight the columns in panels 1 and 4.