Monthly Archives: April 2010

Disneyland Convention 1971

Here’s an obscure comic book convention poster featuring Jack’s Mister Miracle. Ironic seeing the Disney name on a DC Comics Kirby piece from the 1970s considering Disney just paid billions of dollars for Jack’s Marvel creations. Can Disney buying all the DC comics characters be far behind?

Close Encounter of the Kirby Kind

A remarkable image I recall popping up on eBay several years ago. I know nothing about it, can’t imagine what it was for. Wonderfully detailed pencil piece. I don’t think I’ve seen it published anywhere, so wonder what became of it. I hope it isn’t locked forever in some collector’s vault, I’d love to see an HQ scan of the artwork one day

Unpublished Avengers Page

A real treasure. An unpublished Avengers page in pencil form. I can’t image why Stan Lee rejected this one. It looks very solid to me. Notice how Jack would leave blank space at the top of the page, giving Lee room to add text. I zoomed into some of the frames so you can see details of Kirby’s pencilwork.